About Us

RJB Hotel Supplies was formed in October 2003, specializing in the provision of personal guest care amenities. Since then our product range has grown exponentially and now includes a full compliment of hotel and restaurant supplies. From day one, RJB'S goal has been to provide our clients within our hospitality and foodservice industries, with a grade of products, quality and service, which previously, they could only obtain through international sources.

At RJB we firmly believe that we have to work with our customers before they can work with us. We take pride in having strong product knowledge, expedient delivery, and diligent after sales service. We are very selective in the brands that we offer customers, and strive to provide complete customer satisfaction and the highest quality of service on every shopping trip.

As we move into the future, RJB is continuing to add new products to our range, and also looking for new and innovative ways of providing the highest quality of service to you, our valued customers.